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Our experienced team is here to provide the top-notch transmission repair you need.

In a car or other vehicle, the transmission directs the power of the engine to actually turn the wheels—without it, your engine could be running at full power, but you’d still go nowhere. The transmission is also sometimes called the gearbox, as it is also the part that changes the engine from one gear into another. As you can tell from this information, your transmission is an essential part of a correctly functioning car, so if something is wrong with it, you need to take your car in for transmission repair as soon as possible. If you find yourself in that situation, you can turn to our team at Two Fingers Automotive for the expert repairs you need.

Transmission Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina

Our team here at Two Fingers Automotive has over 25 years of experience in the auto repair industry, so we’ve seen just about everything. No matter what the problem with your transmission turns out to be, you can count on us to implement an effective, long-term solution. In addition to delivering superior results, we are also committed to giving all of our customers fair and honest service. With our team, you can rest assured that you are getting an honest, accurate assessment of your vehicle and the issues it’s having and that you’re being quoted a fair price for any necessary repairs. If you need transmission repair, simply turn to our team.

We at Two Fingers Automotive are proud to serve the Mooresville, North Carolina community, and we want to help you keep your car in good working order. If you suspect that you have a transmission problem, we encourage you to stop by our shop to find out whether you need transmission repair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Repair Mooresville Can Depend on!


Question: How do I know if I need transmission repair? –Amos, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Maybe you’ve noticed a red, pinkish, or brownish-red puddle under your vehicle, a telltale sign of leaking transmission fluid. Maybe your car or truck’s manual transmission changes gears slowly or gets locked into a lower or higher gear than you want. Maybe your automatic transmission doesn’t upshift like it’s supposed to as you gain speed. If you’ve noticed any of these problems, or your vehicle feels sluggish, unresponsive, or just “off” at higher RPMs, you need to get it to an auto repair shop to see if it needs transmission repair or service fast!

Manual and automatic transmissions are a key component of a properly functioning automobile. They are the reason your engine is able to deliver drive power to the front and rear tires. If your auto transmission isn’t working right or has a leak, you need auto service soon. In many cases, a simple transmission fluids leak can indicate either an improperly done transmission flush and fill during routine maintenance and regular auto care, or the beginnings of a crack in the system.

Question: Why is transmission repair so expensive? –Buffy Mae, Statesville, NC

Answer: Modern transmissions consist of hundreds of individual parts, all working in tandem to help deliver the perfect torque and gear differential for maximum driving efficiency, backed by sophisticated computer systems. When one part or component is compromised, it is likely there may be other problems. Not just any shade-tree auto mechanic can diagnose or repair these issues properly. It requires specialized equipment and knowledge, unlike the vehicles of yesteryear which could be effectively serviced in a private home garage, assuming a certain base level of technical know-how and a few vital tools which effectively gave these transmissions unlimited service lifespans.

Unfortunately, many people ignore warning signs such as transmission fluid leakage until so little fluid is left that the system can no longer function properly. At this point, a problem which could have been a simple and relatively inexpensive fix has likely deteriorated to far more costly transmission rebuilding. Even worse, a failing transmission places additional strain on the vehicle’s motor, which can lead to needing an expensive engine repair on top of the other manual or automatic transmission repair in Mooresville you may need.

Question: Can you repair a cracked transmission case? Other local transmission repair shops said they couldn’t, and I’ve been from Broad St. to Plaza Drive to Tryon St. trying to find someone who could help. –Jackson, Mooresville, NC

Depending on the location, depth, and affected components, it may be possible to repair the case. In some cases depending on the make and model, you could theoretically repair it with a cold weld or a section of a salvaged transmission case from another vehicle of the same type. However, if it’s a deep crack that involves the housing, you may need to have the case rebuilt. Like any other car repair, a lot depends on what we find when we get under the vehicle and take a look at the underlying problem. Two Fingers Automotive has built a reputation for the auto repair Mooresville, NC trusts because we do everything we can to get the job done right while being kind to your wallet, without compromising safety or quality!

Question: I think my transmission may be failing. What should I do? –Jasmine, Denver, NC

If you’re noticing signs of a transmission problem, or you’re just not sure, you should schedule an appointment and get your vehicle to Two Fingers Automotive! We want to continue to earn your business as your trusted source for fast, friendly total care and auto repair in Mooresville, NC at honest, fair pricing.

Whether you just need a simple safety inspection, to get a lube job and rotate your vehicle’s tires, swap out an aged or faulty fuel filter or a complete engine or transmission rebuild, Two Fingers Automotive has you covered, providing excellent service from tire to tailpipe to tachometer. We always give you an honest appraisal of repairs and never try to upsell or suggest services your vehicle doesn’t need for safe operation. Mooresville trusts us to keep them on the go with reasonably priced, great repairs and service all the time, every time! But don’t take our word for it. Check out our Yelp! reviews and customer testimonials on our website. 

Whether you need a simple brake check, AC repair or a complete engine rebuild, from Plaza Dr. to Tryon Street, we’re the source for transmission repair and general auto repairs Mooresville, Sherills Ford, Lakepoint, and the surrounding area depend on for the total car care our customers need and deserve!