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Brake Repair, Mooresville, NC

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Our team has the right experience to provide top-notch brake repair services so that you can drive in safety.

Here at Two Fingers Automotive, we want to help you stay safe on the road, and a big part of that is making sure your brakes stay in good condition. If you have a brake problem, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to stop your vehicle when you need to, making your car unsafe for you and everyone else on the road. Fortunately, you can turn to our team to get the expert brake repair you need to resume driving safely.

Brake Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina

Our team at Two Fingers Automotive has more than 25 years of experience, which means we have dealt with all manner of brake problems. In addition, many of our technicians are ASE certified, so you know that your brake repairs are in capable hands. We are committed to delivering reliable, long-term solutions to any car problem, and to providing fair and honest service to all of our customers. Our team understands that some people are reluctant to visit mechanics unless it’s absolutely unavoidable due to bad experiences with them in the past, and we strive always to combat those negative impressions through the quality of our service. With us, you will always receive an honest assessment of the problem and a fair price for any necessary repairs.

When to Stop in for Brake Repair

Most of us can be guilty of procrastination from time to time, especially when there’s something unpleasant we don’t want to face. However, we assure you that putting off brake repair when you need it is likely to make the experience even more unpleasant. At Two Fingers Automotive, we can’t tell you how many times a simple brake pad replacement has turned into an invoice for more extensive repairs because other components of the brake system were adversely affected. If you experience any of the following, please don’t delay visiting us for brake repair as it won’t just save you money, it could also save your life.

  • Brake Light On – First check to be sure your parking brake isn’t engaged, and if it isn’t, you should have the brakes checked as soon as possible.
  • Metallic Squeal – This is a sign the brake pads are either completely worn in at least one spot resulting in metal hitting metal or you’ve reached the steel brake pad indicator meant to alert you that you need new brake pads.
  • Steering Issues – When brake issues get more advanced than just brake pads, you can experience vibration, shaking, or wobbling. Sometimes this is a case of an uneven rotor surface or a brake caliper not releasing as it should. Pulling to one side is also a potential symptom.
  • Leaking – If you notice leaking under your car, you should always have it checked as it could be fluid that is necessary to create power for your brakes.
  • Brake Pedal – If the brake pedal feels soft or sinks to the floor, you need immediate brake repair and may want to consider towing in your vehicle for safety reasons.
  • Odors – Smoke or odors are not a good thing, obviously, but could also be dangerous so have your vehicle towed rather than driving it.

We at Two Fingers Automotive are proud to serve the Mooresville, North Carolina community, and we want to help you keep your car and brakes in the best condition. If you need brake repair, just call our team to get our experts on the job.


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