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Car Repair, Mooresville, NC

Keep Your Vehicle Happy with Car Repair Mooresville, NC Families Depend  On!

There’s really never a good time to need car repair. Whether you’re going to work or taking the family to the beach at Lake Norman for the weekend, a sudden vehicle problem can ruin your whole day. Regular inspections, maintenance and repair beforehand can all help prevent minor issues from snowballing into big problems later and keep your vehicle running better for longer, with less risk of something going wrong. However, even with the most rigorous car maintenance, sometimes things fail. 

Whether you need a quick roadworthiness inspection, a simple alignment job, to find out why your check engine light is on or more sophisticated repair services, Two Fingers Automotive in Mooresville has you covered!

For over 25 years, we’ve been proudly serving our community of Mooresville and the surrounding area with quality automobile maintenance. We service foreign, import and domestic car and truck repairs across a wide range of makes, models and service years with auto repair Mooresville recognizes as the best around. Whether you’ve got a light truck, a beater, a new ride, a classic hot rod or a cherished antique, Two Fingers Automotive offers honest, fair auto care pricing and quality car or truck repair which always places our customers first.

Just some of the automotive maintenance and repair jobs our auto repair shop can handle include:
  • Heating and AC repairs and cooling system maintenance including replacement belts, hoses, fluids and components
  • Brake inspection and repair
  • Electrical system troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Exhaust system component repair and replacement
  • Engine replacements and maintenance
  • State-mandated inspections and emissions testing
  • Fuel system repair to boost fuel consumption efficiency and minimize fumes escaping into the outside air or inside your vehicle
  • Transmission repair
  • Wheel alignments, steering and suspension
  • Manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance
  • Miscellaneous auto maintenance
  • And much more!


At Two Fingers Automotive, we offer a wide variety of automotive services, including inspections, diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance for all makes and models of cars and light trucks in Mooresville, North Carolina, and the surrounding area.


When we’re done, we make sure to present your vehicle clean and ready to drive, wherever you’re heading! To make an appointment request for auto maintenance or automotive repairs, call (704) 230-4678 today to schedule or click here to contact Two Fingers Automotive. Let us show you why we are the family owned Mooresville auto repair shop our clients trust!  

Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Repairs

Question: Do you perform car engine diagnostics when a warning or check engine light is on? –Todd, Brawley, NC

Answer: If your check engine light is on, it could mean a lot of different things, from engine maintenance needed to a short in the electrical system to a faulty or worn-out oxygen sensor. I always recommend my customers bring their vehicles in for maintenance services regularly, but especially if the check engine light is on. Catching a problem early usually means it’s easier for an auto mechanic to fix, and the labor cost will be much lower than if you ignore the problem and hope it will go away. In severe cases, it could mean the difference between swapping out a component or an expensive engine or transmission repair or replacement. Also, during state inspections and emissions, we’re legally not allowed to pass your vehicle with a check engine light on! 

Question: Do you offer same-day appointments for my car? –La’Keitha, Coddle Creek, NC

Answer: We offer complete, highly skilled auto repair services from industry leading automotive mechanics with extensive knowledge and the highest degree of competence and professionalism. When and where possible, we’re happy to have you come in for your vehicle’s maintenance when it’s most convenient for you, even in the morning. We strive to take care of every customer’s auto repairs with the friendly care, attention to detail, results and fair pricing they deserve, and we take pride in our work. Sometimes, this means we may not be able to get you in right away–but when you do come in, you’ll see exactly why we perform the best work at the most reasonable rates anywhere! Call today to schedule appointment times for auto repairs in Mooresville and we’ll get your appointment request set up as quickly as possible without compromising our service.

Question: What is tire rotation? –Mavis, Enochville, NC

Answer: Tire rotation helps balance the wear on your tires and makes them last longer. A vehicle with rear-wheel drive will develop more wear on the rear tires than the front, because they will undergo more operational stress. By having your tires rotated regularly, you can extend the life of your tires, which means you can also improve your fuel economy, the performance of your exhaust system and cooling system and help avoid some of the most common causes of automotive repairs! It may not seem like much, but rotating your tires is an important aspect of complete auto care.

Question: As part of my car maintenance service, how often should I rotate my tires? –Jack, Denver, NC

Answer: One of our most common vehicle tips for car and truck care is to rotate your tires every 6-8,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. (That’s about once every two oil changes, unless you use high mileage oil.) If you can’t remember the last time your tires were rotated, you’re probably due and it’s better not to wait to get this simple but important repair and maintenance item ticked off your list. Even more important, your steering and suspension will perform better, giving you more control and comfort on the road. Because all the systems in a vehicle are interlinked, there’s even a chance it will increase the life of your climate control system and reduce the likelihood of needing AC repairs!

Question: How important are my brakes? My new car isn’t stopping as quickly as it used to and I’m concerned about my family if I have to make a panic stop.–Alicia, Sherrills Ford

Answer: Brake jobs are usually some of the simplest automotive repairs, but we know of too many people who decided to make their brakes a low priority, with tragic consequences. It only takes one incident on a crowded roadway where someone’s following too closely with faulty brakes to turn an annoyance into a disaster. If your brakes feel spongy, the vehicle shimmies when you decelerate or you can’t come to a complete stop quickly and safely when needed, our recommendation is to get your vehicle in for automotive repair quickly, for your own safety and that of the community.

Question: How often should I change my car’s engine oil? –Eugene, Landis

Answer: The standard answer used to be every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever came first. However, recent advances in lubricant technology mean later-generation vehicles may be able to go as long as 15,000 miles between oil changes, depending on your driving habits, the type of oil your vehicle requires and other factors. One of our more common vehicle tips is to check your oil every time you fill up your gas tank as a basic first line of engine maintenance. If the oil looks nice and clean, and the level is close to full, you’re good to go. If it looks dark, dirty, sludgy, you see solid particles or the dipstick shows a drop in oil reservoir level more than halfway between the full and add lines, bring it in to us. Trust us when we say you’d really rather pay for an oil change when it suits your schedule than to have to get a tow truck to have your car taken for auto repair in Mooresville because your engine is heating up too much or worse, seizes up! Engine replacements are no fun for anyone, and you’ll get better fuel consumption numbers too by following these repair tips.

Question: Do you service fleet vehicles? –Amir, Davidson

Answer: We offer car and truck care and auto repair Mooresville residents and companies rely on to keep their private and company vehicles running their best. Our goal is to make Mooresville auto repair and maintenance as easy, affordable and convenient as possible. Because of this, we offer the option to schedule appointment care or bring your vehicle directly in if necessary.

Question: The last grease monkey I gave my truck to for repair left it dirty and stuck me with a bill for a bunch of repairs I didn’t need. How do I know Two Fingers Automotive is different? –Jim, China Grove, NC

Answer: We’re sorry you had a bad experience with your last mechanic. Two Fingers Automotive has been in the business of delivering car repairs Mooresville, NC knows and trusts for 25 years. We have five-star ratings and wonderful testimonials on Yelp and Google. More importantly, a lot of our business is repeat, generational clientele, sometimes as many as three or four generations. That’s a lot of people who think of us as their friend with the auto shop! We take pride in doing exactly what your vehicle needs to run reliably and safely, nothing more and nothing less. In addition, we make sure we leave your vehicle clean as and ready for the road when we’re done with our work, for a price we think you’ll agree is fair and honest. Try us and see for yourself!

Question: I have a BMW. Are your technicians able to work on my car, and are you currently taking new clients? –Karen, Fisher Town, NC

Answer: Yes we are, and yes we can! Our ASE certified technicians can work on any make or model of domestic or import cars or light trucks and deliver great results. We invite you to schedule an appointment and see what great service and excellent maintenance can do for your car! 

Do you need your car fixed ASAP? 

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Let our more than 25 years of experience in car repair provide you with an exceptional experience.

Whether you have a “beater” car, brand new car, antique car, or any other type of car, you can be confident that it is in good hands here at Two Fingers Automotive in Mooresville, North Carolina when you need car repair. Any car can break down, and no car lasts forever without needing car repair from time to time. With our more than 25 years of experience, we can quickly and accurate diagnose what is wrong with your car and provide you with a recommendation and quote for the necessary car repair.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you need car repair at the worst possible moment and your budget is already spread pretty thin. We also recognize that many people are still paying for their car for two or three years beyond the warranty period. We don’t want to put you in a position of having to decide whether to get behind on a payment or get your car fixed when neither skipping a payment nor foregoing a repair is in your best interest. That is why we keep our car repair services fair and reasonable.

The Benefits of Keeping Up with Car Repair and Maintenance

At Two Fingers Automotive, in Mooresville, North Carolina, we understand how important it is to have reliable transportation. There are very few among us who can stay at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even retirees need to get out for shopping, entertainment, medical visits, and socialization. While it can definitely be an inconvenience to need a car repair that takes several hours or even longer, it beats letting your vehicle fall into disrepair. Here are a few benefits involved with keeping your vehicle in top condition by taking care of car repair and maintenance in a timely manner.

  • Resale Value – It can hurt your vehicle’s resale value if you have not had certain car repair services taken care of because the buyer knows that they’ll be having to pay for them. Bad brakes, bald tires, exhaust problems, and other conditions are easily noticeable.
  • Extend Life – Would you like to wave goodbye to your vehicle as it is towed to the scrapyard with 50,000 miles on it or 250,000 miles on it? Your investment can give you far more years of service if you do not skip needed car repair and maintenance.
  • Reduce Costs – Often when you neglect small car repair concerns, they become big ones. Would you rather cover the cost for engine or transmission repair or the replacement of these critical vehicle components?
  • Safety – Failure to keep up with some car repair issues can result in a car accident or other concerns, such as exhaust fumes making you ill.

We offer a wide variety of car repair services, including engine and transmission repairs, brake repair, exhaust system repair, clutch repair, replacement batteries, replacement alternators, and more. We also offer full-service maintenance if you would like to minimize the risk of needing car repair in the future. We work on all makes and models, including cars with diesel engines. Contact us today with any questions you have about our car repair and maintenance services.