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We are committed to excellence as a trusted auto repair shop.

It is rare to own a vehicle that does not require auto repair at some point during the period you own it. Even if you tend to trade vehicles whenever the manufacturer warranty runs out, there are still certain repairs and maintenance services that you’ll need to handle on your own. Here at Two Fingers Automotive, we understand that facing an auto repair expense when you are still making payments isn’t an ideal situation, so we go to great lengths to keep it as manageable as possible. That means making the auto repair correctly so you don’t get added invoices you didn’t need and keeping our prices fair and reasonable.

Auto Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina

With more than 25 years of auto repair experience and ASE certification, we can assure you that we’ll save you money compared to a shop that lacks our passion and commitment to excellence. We always strive to do the best job possible at an honest price because that’s just how we believe it should be, and our great work ethic wouldn’t permit us to do anything less.

Types of Auto Repair We Provide

Truth be told, there are many auto repair shops that offer services they aren’t particularly confident about performing. Here at Two Fingers Automotive, we’ll be the first to tell you that something is beyond our expertise, rather than fuddle our way through it and hope to have it turn out right. When you come to our Mooresville, North Carolina shop for an auto repair, we’ll perform an accurate diagnostic and then let you know what we recommend.

With more than 25 years of experience, there aren’t many situations where we would feel like a fish out of water. In fact, we can handle most complex auto repair issues, such as engine repair and transmission repair. In addition, we provide maintenance services, such as an oil change, and various repairs including brake repair, auto AC repair, alternator replacement, clutch repair, exhaust repair, and more. We provide complete auto repair for all makes and models.

The key to getting your auto repair right is our extensive experience with diagnostics. While others might need to take a stab at the problem, we can move to doing the auto repair with complete confidence that we have isolated the problem. We finish with a thorough inspection to be sure there isn’t a secondary issue, as well, so you can be sure your vehicle is safe to drive when we pull it out of the auto repair bay.

Whether you have an older car or truck that you’re trying to get a few more miles out of, a classic car that is your pride and joy, or a newer vehicle that just happened to run past the warranty period, you can rest assured your auto repair will be done right the first time and priced as reasonably as possible so can leave with a smile on your face knowing you chose the best auto repair shop in the area.

We offer a wide variety of auto repair services, including engine repair for gas and diesel engines, exhaust repair, replacement alternators, brake repairs, transmission repairs, clutch repairs, and electrical repairs. We also do maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotation & alignments, replacement rims & tires, and smog checks.

If you have any questions about the auto repair services we offer at our Mooresville, North Carolina automotive shop, don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by to see us.


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