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Two Fingers Automotive Of Mooresville Prepares For A Busy 2023

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With 2022 in the rearview, we at Two Fingers Automotive are setting our sights on 2023 and what we expect will be a very busy year. For more than 5 years, we’ve been serving our friends and neighbors in the Mooresville, NC area.

In 2023, we’re looking forward to bringing you the same great service with the personalized touch you’ve come to expect from us for all your car care needs.

We’ve hired additional staff who are trained and certified to the highest possible level to make sure our customers continue to get the excellent results we take such pride in. So—what can Two Fingers Automotive do for you?


We’re the source for auto repair Mooresville trusts.

Whether you’ve got a taillight out, a “check engine” light coming on or a seized engine, Two Fingers Automotive has you covered from headlight to tailpipe and from roof to tires. Our ASE-certified technicians work on all sorts of makes and models including domestic, foreign and even exotic or vintage cars. When your car is making an odd noise, you’ve got a sensor on the blink or you notice any indication of a possible problem, bring your vehicle to us to get the problem addressed the right way the first time, every time!


Your Mooresville truck repair center is here and ready to serve you.

Trucks are vehicles too, and just like other autos, they need consistent care and maintenance to keep them running their best. Whether you need a gearbox for your antique ’32 Ford Model B stepside, a new transmission for your 1971 Jeep Wagoneer or some TLC for your 2020 Chevy Tahoe, we’re here to help with even the trickiest technical troubleshooting on highway legends and the latest and greatest alike!


The Greater Lake Norman area trusts us for clutch repair and service.

While the manual transmission is slowly fading from the American highways and byways, don’t count it out just yet! Antique and specialty vehicles still use the manual transmission, and there are even unconfirmed rumors that Cadillac will be adding stick shifts as an option for the 2023 V-series model year lineup. When your clutch is sluggish, gets stuck or just flat-out fails, you need someone who can get it back to safe, proper service. You need Two Fingers Automotive!


Regular oil change helps keep your vehicle running smoothly.

For many people, oil changes are a messy, time-consuming, expensive but necessary evil. This leads to a lot of folks putting off their oil changes—with sometimes catastrophic results for the vehicles. Old oil is less efficient at lubricating your engine’s moving parts, which can lead to misfires, extensive damage and even causing the engine to seize, which will turn your vehicle into an expensive lawn ornament! Two Fingers Automotive offers oil changes and other regular maintenance including high-performance, long-wearing synthetic oil which is better for your engine and the environment, while letting you go longer between changes—for less than you might think. Be sure to check back regularly for deals and specials on oil changes and other services!


Engine repair Mooresville knows will get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Sometimes, despite the best care, something can go wrong with your engine. Maybe a piston starts missing strokes, causing your engine to run unevenly. Even a relatively minor accident can cause fractures or cracks in the engine block, allowing the oil to leak out with potentially devastating consequences. Whether your engine isn’t running right, won’t turn over or doesn’t run at all, Two Fingers Automotive can repair or replace your engine to give your car or truck a new lease on life and more years of faithful service, no matter what waits for you on the road ahead!


For cleaner air, you may need Mooresville exhaust repair.

Your exhaust system is a key component in keeping your vehicle running smoothly and mitigating environment-damaging emissions. When your muffler is out of whack or your catalytic converter fails, your vehicle won’t run as well, will give out a lot more toxic gasses as a result of the fuel combustion process—and likely won’t pass emissions testing, if you live in a county which requires it. Two Fingers Automotive can analyze, diagnose and repair your emissions system so you can drive with confidence that you’re doing your part to help keep greenhouse gas emissions down and get a smoother, more comfortable, quieter ride while you do!


Car diagnosis Mooresville relies on to keep its vehicles on the road!

The days when any amateur grease monkey could wrench on a car and at least theoretically get it running again are long gone. Sophisticated computer systems and delicate sensor arrays have made the shade-tree mechanic largely obsolete; the modern mechanic is, and must be, just as much a computer scientist as a car and truck expert. At Two Fingers Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians speak the language of your vehicle’s computer systems. Between computer diagnostics and our own knowledge of how to evaluate, diagnose and repair problems ranging from the commonplace to the arcane to the catastrophic, we can pin down what’s ailing your ride and get it fixed so you can get on the road faster and with more confidence that the issue has been taken care of!


Brake repair helps get you there safely.

You know your brakes are important to safe driving. When your brakes break, because of an accident, road debris or improper maintenance, your vehicle is no longer safe to operate for you or others on the road. At Two Fingers Automotive, we know what’s riding on your brakes. If you’ve got a warped rotor, a bent brake shoe or a leak in your brake fluid system, we can get it fixed safely and properly so you can drive, and stop, comfortably!


If all else fails, brake replacement may be the only option.

Sometimes a simple repair isn’t enough. Some kinds of damage demand a complete overhaul of the brake system or parts of it. A rotor which is wearing unevenly or brake shoes which have been worn down to bare metal could signal that the entire system has been compromised. If you’re riding on a damaged brake system, you’re also rolling on borrowed time. Two Fingers Automotive has the skills, tools and knowhow to get your car or truck back to full, safe function as quickly and economically as possible without compromising on quality or safety!


Two Fingers Automotive offers brake service Mooresville relies on!

Just like the rest of your vehicle, regular service and tuning of your brake system can make all the difference between a smooth, safe, reliable stop and an accident—or a tragedy. Brake fluid needs to be topped off, your brake pads need to be changed regularly and the system needs to be checked for proper function. Two Fingers Automotive offers brake service you can trust, for less than you might expect!


Keep your cool with auto AC repair you can trust!

When your AC starts blowing cold in the winter or hot in the summer, it can make for an uncomfortable and cranky ride, whether you’re just going across town or heading out on a cross-country trip. In some vehicle models, this is only the start of the trouble a malfunctioning climate control system could cause. If your AC isn’t keeping you cool or your heat is leaving you cold, you need truck and car air conditioning repair you can trust—and that’s where Two Fingers Automotive comes in! Whether you need a simple refrigerant charge, a fan belt replacement or a complete overhaul, we can make the repairs you need to keep the interior of your car comfortable, no matter what the weather throws at you.



Your car can keep moving for years with your Mooresville transmission repair and replacement source!

Your engine is the nerve center of your vehicle. Without it, you’re not going anywhere. But all that power has to get to the tires somehow, and that’s where the transmission is important. If your transmission doesn’t shift smoothly, or in a manual transmission you have to struggle to shift gears or get strange sounds when you do shift, this is a key sign of transmission failure. Even worse, it can strain your engine, leading to engine failure and turning one of your most important possessions into an expensive piece of modern lawn art. Two Fingers Automotive can diagnose and repair transmission problems before they get out of hand, letting you get more life out of your transmission and in many cases allowing you to avoid the expense of having a whole new one installed.


Don’t have the power? Alternator replacement may be the answer you’re looking for!

If you get a clicking noise when you try to turn the engine over, your electronics suddenly fail or your battery won’t hold a charge, it probably means your alternator has worn out. Alternators often give out with little or no warning, and once your alternator goes, the only option is to replace it. The good news is that this is a relatively simple operation. Two Fingers Automotive can diagnose and replace a failed alternator to get you back on the road fast and at full power!


As we begin the new year, we at Two Fingers Automotive want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for your support through 2020 and beyond, and welcome our new friends and customers as well. We are excited for what this new year may hold and looking forward to meeting the new challenges this year will bring. And we are proud to have you join us on this journey, and honored by your trust in us to make your journeys safer and more comfortable! From all of us at Two Fingers Automotive, thank you—and welcome to the new year! 

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