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The Dangers of Delaying Exhaust Repair

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One of the challenges of having a busy schedule is finding the time to address symptoms that your vehicle might be exhibiting. While it is never a good idea to put off having your vehicle checked out, it can be downright dangerous to delay exhaust repair if your vehicle requires it. Here are the main dangers involved with continuing to drive a vehicle with an exhaust problem:

the number one reason not to delay exhaust repair

  • Inability to Know if Other Problems Come Up. If your check engine light has come on and you already know it has to do with the exhaust, you might be tempted to ignore it for a bit. The bad news is that you won’t know if another problem has surfaced that could be as dangerous as the need for the exhaust repair or even more so.
  • Performance Issues. You could experience anything from hesitation and sputtering to stalling if the exhaust system back-pressure that the engine needs is diminished due to needing exhaust repair.
  • Reduced Fuel Economy. This one hits you in the wallet as you’ll be needing to fill up the gas tank a bit more often if you need exhaust repair, because the engine is unable to work as efficiently as optimal.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. It is a common misconception that the only way to suffer the effects of carbon monoxide is if you are in a closed garage with the vehicle running. A major leak or one in the wrong place can send this lethal gas into the cabin of your vehicle and make you very ill or even kill you. This is obviously the number one reason not to delay exhaust repair.
  • Emissions Testing. If you need exhaust repair, your vehicle will fail the emissions testing portion of the vehicle inspection, and you won’t be able to renew your registration until you have exhaust repair completed.

At Two Fingers Automotive, our ASE certified technicians are equipped to handle any type of exhaust repair your vehicle might need. If you suspect that you have an exhaust issue, we highly recommend getting it taken care of as soon as possible. Call today to learn more.