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BMW Repair Near Me? Think Of Two Fingers Automotive Of Mooresville

With all the technology packed into today’s vehicles, automotive repair is something best left to the professionals. Even something as simple as diagnosing the reason for a check engine light requires a specialist touch and special equipment to get the best results. Whether you need a replacement 2011 BMW 528i timing chain, an oil change or wheel alignments, it’s important to have your car’s European repairs done in a timely manner and correctly the first time so your BMW runs the way it’s supposed to for years to come. Not just anyone can be a BMW mechanic, which is why when you think “BMW repair near me,” you should be thinking of Two Fingers Automotive!


BMW Repair Near Me


Two Fingers Automotive is the family-owned Mooresville specialist in American, Japanese and European repairs for just about any make, model, brand or year. 

We want to make your BMW repair as easy and painless as possible, which is why we make every effort to fix the issue and get you back on the road fast. 

Can’t wait for a repair? No problem! We have loaner cars available so you and your family can get to work, school, and those important meetings and events without missing a beat, while we get your Beemer ready to roll. Best of all, we’re the local BMW AutoCare center you can trust for all your maintenance and service needs from battery changes to replacing struts and complete transmission overhauls!


A Brief History of BMWs

Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, often Anglicized to Bavarian Motorwerks, started life as an aviation engine company in 1916 under the name Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, producing high-performance power plants for top-of-the-line German aircraft during the first World War. This is where the distinctive blue-and-white logo we know today comes from, inspired by a blue sky and white plane propellers. After the war, the company pivoted to train engines and brake systems, since the armistice agreement prohibited Germany from producing aircraft. In 1922, it was refounded as a completely separate company and in 1923, BMW rolled out its first motorcycles. 1928 marked the beginning of BMW’s distinctive line of automobiles. In 1934, the German government began manufacturing aircraft again—and BMW was at the forefront of this effort.

At the end of WWII, BMW was largely decommissioned for several years by order of the unified Allied command, although the company pivoted to household appliances. It wouldn’t be until 1948 that BMW launched its first post-war motorcycle. 1951 heralded the BMW 501, the first post-war car—and the company continued to grow until today, it is considered the gold standard for luxury, comfort, and innovative driving technology.


Should I Bring My Car in for Repair or Can I Do My BMW Repairs Myself?


As you might expect from a brand that has shared adventures with superspy James Bond on the silver screen, BMWs are not vehicles just any shade tree mechanic can get repaired correctly. 

BMW mechanics must go through BMW’s rigorous certification process in order for the vehicle’s warranty to remain in force. 

Two Fingers Automotive has passed this certification process, which means when you bring your Beemer to us, you know you’re going to get BMW repairs done right the first time, every time, to BMW’s own exacting standards. So when you say to yourself, “I need a BMW mechanic near me,” there’s no need to call a hundred different locations and auto parts stores or use a locator list—just come down to Two Fingers Automotive for great work at a fair price!

To find out more about how we can help get your BMW back on the road in great, safe working condition, click here to contact Two Fingers Automotive; call us at (704) 230-4678; or come by our shop at 465 S Broad St, Mooresville, NC 28115. 

And to learn more about why having the right BMW mechanic can make all the difference in how your car runs, check out our FAQs below from BMW owners just like you!


Frequently Asked Questions About BMW Repair Near Me


Two Fingers Automotive is your source for the honest answers, fair pricing, and great results you deserve, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive!


Question: My 2011 BMW runs a little rough when I turn it on, but I don’t see a check engine light. Can you give me any suggestions for what the problem might be? –Robyne, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Without seeing or hearing the vehicle in person, it’s hard to say for sure. You may notice a misfire or rattling noise when you first engage the engine, which goes away as the engine comes up to temperature. You might also notice your engine oil looks cloudy or dirty. This could indicate a timing chain problem, but there are a number of other problems which could cause similar symptoms. Whether your check engine light is on or not, you definitely need to get the car in for diagnostics and repairs in a timely manner. While the problem may not necessarily be the timing chain, it certainly warrants a look by a qualified BMW mechanic before bigger and more expensive problems happen—like your car not running at all!


Question: I need my BMW repaired, but every one of the parts stores I’ve called says the part I need is back-ordered. Can you help? –Jason, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Especially when it comes to European and Japanese repairs, parts for nearly all makes and models are becoming a bit harder to find. Part of this is due to the COVID pandemic and the follow-on supply chain problems it has created. 

Part of it is because of maritime disasters like the 2021 blockage of the Suez Canal by the container ship Ever Given, which choked off an estimated $9.6 billion dollars in trade per day for everything from luxury goods to oil to automotive parts, including parts needed for BMW repair.

 Some of these problems come from the fact that makes and models which are either too popular or not popular enough are typically harder to find, because of the corresponding demand for them. At Two Fingers Automotive, we have an extensive network of suppliers we can call upon to try to get parts as fast as possible—but just like everyone else, we’re at the mercy of the supply chain and the relative popularity of the parts in question. However, we can assure you that when you bring your BMW to us, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your BMW runs great and is road-ready as fast as possible!


Question: Why can’t I do my BMW repair myself? –Jaxon, Statesville, NC

Answer: There’s really nothing to say you can’t—if you’re not worried about whether the repair is done right or whether your repairs will be covered by the vehicle’s warranty. Most companies these days require automotive repair to be performed by an ASE-certified facility for any warranties on the vehicle to remain valid. 

Because BMW has higher standards in its engineering, a higher degree of computer control over the various systems, and tighter tolerances for how BMW repairs should be performed, taking your car to anyone but a certified BMW mechanic can result in future problems the warranty might have covered being disallowed by the company. 

Even if your Beemer needs something as simple as an oil change, it’s always a good idea to let a professional BMW mechanic do the work so if there’s an issue later, you’re less likely to be on the hook for an expensive automotive repair to correct what you “fixed!”


Question: Is it hard to do wheel alignments on a BMW? –Mauricia, Mooresville, NC

Answer: It’s not, as long as your BMW repair shop has the right equipment. BMW is known for its exceptionally tight tolerances and balances, which of course is what delivers the performance that makes BMW such a status symbol among its owners and a perennial favorite on Best Of lists. 

However, if your wheel alignment isn’t done correctly, it can throw off the power, braking system, steering and even lead to expensive engine and transmission problems thousands of miles down the road. 

That’s why, when you need a wheel alignment on your BMW, you should always start by looking up “BMW repair near me”—or just come see us and get it done right the first time!


Question: Does Two Fingers Automotive offer loaner cars during BMW repair? –Scott, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Being without a vehicle is no fun, especially when the reason is because your car’s in the shop. 

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop just because you need BMW repairs. 

That’s why Two Fingers Automotive has a small fleet of courtesy loaner vehicles available for our honored customers. We can keep you on the road and in control of your life while we get your BMW or any other vehicle back up and running in the safe and effective manner you and your family deserve!


Question: When should I bring my car in for maintenance? –Rosaline, Lake Norman, NC

Answer: To help your BMW live up to its reputation as “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” BMW and Two Fingers Automotive recommend the following maintenance schedule:

  • Oil changes should be done every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. This is important to keep your engine lubricated with clean oil and aids early detection of possible problems with your vehicle.
  • Air and cabin filters should be replaced every 20,000 miles. However, they should also be inspected every time you have an oil change, because dirty or clogged filters can lead to major problems with engine airflow, making it harder or in some cases impossible for your engine to fire correctly.
  • Brake fluid should be flushed and exchanged every 30,000 miles or three years, whichever comes first. 

Note: If you use your BMW for racing or other activities that put unusual demands on your brake system, you should do this more often.

  • Your coolant/antifreeze should be flushed and replaced at least every 40,000 miles or anytime repairs are done on the coolant system, to prevent particulate matter buildup and potentially severe engine damage.
  • The timing chain should be replaced every 80,000-90,000 miles or if you notice symptoms of possible damage, such as rough running in the engine or clicking noises you can’t isolate to another source.
  • Sunroof drains should be cleaned at least once a year if you park your BMW outside or every 24-36 months if you typically park in a garage, to prevent water damage to your vehicle’s interior and the electrical system.

Notice we didn’t talk about transmission or spark plug maintenance and replacement here. This is because the recommended maintenance times on these systems will depend in large part on the specific BMW model and factors such as whether you have OEM or aftermarket modifications for racing or other uses. If your BMW has these modifications, contact Two Fingers Automotive so we can give you the most up-to-date and accurate schedule for your vehicle and driving needs!


Question: I like to work with family-owned businesses in the Charlotte area when I need a BMW mechanic. Is Two Fingers Automotive family-owned? –Jack, Lincolnton, NC

Answer: Yes, we are! Shawn and Andrea Goodrich are the owners of Two Fingers Automotive, and we’re proud to be the automotive repair shop trusted by car buffs and drivers in the 28115 and NC 28117 area codes, and beyond! 

From basic maintenance on a Harley-Davidson hardtail to complete headlight-to-rear-bumper BMW repair, we offer American, Japanese and European repairs on virtually any make model or year of vehicle. 

With over 25 years of automotive repair experience and ongoing continuing education, Shawn works hard to make sure any service you might need is done correctly, economically and in the most timely manner possible—because at Two Fingers Automotive, we know your and your family’s happiness and safety is riding on every job we do. That’s why we hope when you think of BMW repair near me, you’ll call Two Fingers Automotive first!


Question: What kind of BMW repair services does Two Fingers Automotive offer? –Matt, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Two Fingers Automotive can do just about any BMW maintenance and repair you might need, bumper to bumper and roofline to tires, including but not limited to:

  • Check engine light diagnosis and correction
  • Oil change
  • Wheel alignments and balancing
  • Engine repair
  • Transmission maintenance and repair
  • Brakes
  • Sunroof
  • Electrical system maintenance and repair
  • And much more!

Aided by the latest diagnostic tools and computer systems, Two Fingers Automotive can find, diagnose and fix just about any automotive repair issue your BMW might have, so when you leave the lot your BMW runs smoothly, reliably, and with all the power and performance you expect from the BMW brand.

To find out more about how Two Fingers Automotive can get you the quality BMW repairs and maintenance your car needs to perform at its peak potential, we invite you to call us at (704) 230-4678; come by our shop at 465 S Broad St, Mooresville, NC 28115; or click here to contact Two Fingers Automotive today!


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