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You deserve an auto repair shop where you’ll have a positive experience every time you call or come by.

When you are choosing an auto repair shop, you likely have certain criteria in mind that you do not want to compromise on. For example, you want the repair or maintenance done right the first time to save you from frustration, added expense, and a waste of your valuable time. You also hope that the services will be affordable so you don’t have to delve too deep into your savings for an unexpected repair. Here at Two Fingers Automotive, we understand those expectations, but we do not believe you should stop there.

Auto Repair Shop in Mooresville, North Carolina

We started our auto repair shop under the premise that unrivaled customer service starts with making certain you have a positive experience every time you call or stop in. Not many places have the passion for the automotive repair industry that we have. Our owner, Shawn, has more drive and determination than you are likely ever to see elsewhere in the Mooresville, North Carolina area. He didn’t skip a beat when he was born without three fingers, and he hasn’t let that stop him from being an exceptional auto repair professional. He cares about your family’s cars and trucks and provides the most dependable automotive service you’ll find.

Benefits of Regular Service from our Auto Repair Shop

There are many places that you might not typically enjoy going to, but still find reason to do so on a regular basis – the dentist for preventative treatments, the doctor for a routine physical, and so forth. At Two Fingers Automotive, we believe you should add auto repair shop to your list as the benefits of regular service for your vehicle make it well worth it. Of course, we also believe you’ll find the atmosphere here far more enjoyable than the dentist or doctor office, too!

  • Optimal Gas Mileage – Who wouldn’t like to bypass the gas pumps a bit more often? It might surprise you how much you can save at the pump over the course of a year by having us provide maintenance and inspections on your vehicle.
  • Optimal Performance – Having a sluggish car or truck isn’t just annoying, in certain circumstances, it could cause an accident. Imagine trying to get up to speed to merge into traffic, for example, and having your call stall.
  • Optimal Safety – Our auto repair shop always does a safety inspection to look for things that could cause a serious accident, such as the condition of your vehicle’s brakes and tires.
  • Optimal Savings – Regular visits to our auto repair shop affords us the opportunity to spot problems when they are more affordable to resolve.
  • Optimal Longevity – The better you take care of your vehicle, the better it will take care of you. With the right care and maintenance, your vehicle could go far beyond the 100,000-mile mark — perhaps even double or triple that amount.

Our auto repair shop offers a wide variety of maintenance, inspection, diagnostic, and repair services, so you’ll have no reason to ever go anywhere else. Whether you need repairs to your brakes, gas or diesel engine, transmission, clutch, or exhaust system; you are looking for replacement tires, rims, alternators, or batteries; or if you just need regular maintenance such as an oil change, you can be confident it will be done right the first time. Contact us today or stop by and see us.


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